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Deck and patio is the area around the pool where you place furniture like lounge chairs and tables. The pool deck contributes to the style and beauty of the entire swimming area. 

For that reason, the pool deck should be non-slip, inviting, stylish, and well-constructed because it’s a perfect place for family and friends to have fun. 

Therefore, you should take into consideration the design and the building material for this area.  

Pool deck waterproofing job done in Newcastle with brick pool pavers

Suitable Materials for Constructing Pool Deck 

Decking is a large area that allows you to create a unique look for the entire poolscape. You can use the following material for this area. 


The material gives your pool an elegant, clean look and is easy to work with. Unglazed tiles are the most suitable material for this area because they have a rough texture, thus non-slip. 

There are a variety of tiles in terms of shapes, colours, and sizes. Specialty tiles resemble wood, brick, stone, or marble and are ideal for creating a unique look. 

It’s easier to install and maintain tiles. Sealing of tiles makes them stain resistant, enhances their lifespan, and makes them attractive. 

Poured Concrete 

The material is popular because its affordable, has different colour options, and you can create finishes such as stamped or broom. 

Stamped concrete has a similar look like stone, brick, or tiles, and the two finishes are cheaper than granite. 

Additionally, concrete is not ideal for the cold climate with cycles of freezing and thawing for changes in temperature causes the surface to crack. 


Stone is stylish, affordable, and durable, thus making it a popular pool decking material for all climates. It’s also readily available in various sizes, shapes, and colours. 

Therefore, you can use stones to decorate your pool and create boulders, waterfalls, and other structures. Further, because of its natural look, stones can blend well with any architectural style. 

There are different types of stones, but the famous pool decking stone is travertine due to its no-slip properties, thus making the area safe and comfortable during wet weather. 


The material has a naturally beautiful appearance, is easy to work with and low-cost. You can have a raised deck, thus making it an excellent choice for landscapes with irregular shapes. 

On the other hand, wood is costly in terms of preventive maintenance. Thus, wood requires sealing to reduce staining and loss of colour due to changing weather conditions. 

Composite Wood  

Although it looks like wood, its not wood for its made from a synthetic material that looks like plastic, this material has no maintenance because it doesn’t change colour, rot, or splinter. 

Further, the material resembles wood in both feels and look as well as available in several colours. Composite wood is very costly than ordinary wood, but the lack of maintenance saves money in the long run. 


They are made of concrete, stone, or aggregate. The interlocking concrete pavers are popular than the plain ones. They are available in different shapes, colours, sizes, and materials. 

They are easy to replace when they get damaged, are budget-conscious and frost-proof when installed correctly. 

Our recently completed pool deck waterproofing in Newcastle with gray finish pool surround paver.

Waterproofing Decking Materials  

Wood Decks

You can apply a penetrating stain, for it prevents chemically treated pool water from soaking into the wood and causing internal damages. 

Wood sealants have opaque, semi-transparent, and transparent paint-like versions. They can be also available in different colour tints. Tint or opaque stain offers a higher degree of protection. 

Concrete Decks

This material is impervious to moisture, but with time the chemically treated pool water can erode concrete surfaces. 

Therefore applying sealants protects concrete from crumbling, fading as well as makes it stain resistant. You can use bright or tinted, no-gloss, or high-gloss finish sealants. 

Further, go for slip-resistant formulas because they increase the safety of your pool deck. Sealants also protect concrete from freeze and thaw damages in the cold season. 

The same applies to other decking materials like stone and tiles.  

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Pool Deck 

The concept of the waterproofing pool deck has attracted significant interest in recent years because it not only makes this area attractive but also improves its lifespan. 

Protection from Molds

Decks are permanent pool surroundings that are exposed to sun and soaked in rainwater. Thus mould tends to thrive in wet places, and they will make a home onto the deck. Some mould infestation can be severe, and even powder washing won’t eliminate it. Thus waterproofing the decking surface keeps mould at bay.   

Prevent Cracks

This is a common sign of wear and tear that happens as a result of splashes and drip from the pool. Waterproofing the decking area prevents water from eroding the surface of the deck, causing the wood to rot and concrete to crack.  

Further, water can leak through the cracks and crevices on the decking material and soften the soil holding the structure, thus weakening the underlying support system. Therefore, waterproofing the deck surface prevents water from seeping through the crack, thus causing the foundation to tilt. 

Enhances safety

Waterproofing protects not only the decking material but also you. Barefooted bathers can incur injuries from falls and slips as they walk on the wet pool decks.  

Applying a rubberized coating on the decking surface improves the non-slip abilities, thus making it safer for swimmers. 

Minimizes Water Damages

The deck waterproofing system protects it from water damages, which can affect the integrity of the entire pool. 

The excess water from the rain and pool can destroy the deck’s exterior as well as its constant exposure to the sun. However, the UV inhibitors in sealants protect the surface from UV rays. 

Schedule an Application 

As stated above, it’s vital to waterproof your pool deck to enhance its durability and safety. 

There is a whole lot to learn about the process of waterproofing the pool deck. Contact Newcastle Tiling and Waterproofing for sealing services and more ideas. The experienced professional will help you select the best materials for your pool as well as waterproof the deck to enhance the life of your swimming pool.  Email us at [email protected]

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