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So you have made up your mind to renovate your bathroom as per your vision? And currently, searching for a reliable and efficient bathroom tiler in Newcastle? Do not search further! We have got you covered with essential information about the skilled and professional Newcastle Bathroom Tiling expertsHowever, we would like to tell you about who tillers are and what do they do? 

Bathroom tiling job photo taken in Newcastle with a tiler laying a white porcelain tiles

What is a Tiler? 

In simple words, a tiler is a tiling expert who has got the skills and knowledge about the tiling industry. Moreover, a tiler has years of training in installing tiles on various spaces in bathroom walls and kitchen floor. Trained professionals in tiling field are known as: 


2.Tile Contractor  

3.Tile Installation Professional  

4.Tile Installer 

Are you looking for local bathroom tiling services in Newcastle? You will see big tiling companies’ names as well as independent tiling experts that may have employed a lot of tillers for bathroom and kitchen renovation. However, you always need to choose the right tiler that fits your needs, budget, and schedule.  

It is always better to pick the right tile type depending on your bathroom space as well as your vision. There are two essential tile types like porcelain and ceramic. You should expect that your chosen tiler has considerable experience in the installation of both types of tiles. Besides, if you are looking to use other tiling materials such as natural stone or glass? Then you must hire professional and skilled Newcastle Bathroom Tiling Experts that have years of experience working with these options.  

Moreover, if you are looking to renovate your bathroom and boost the aesthetic value of your property, you should contact the general bathroom contractor. They have various tiling subcontractors that are experienced in installing bathroom tiles. More frequently, you will need to consult a general contractor for useful information about the subcontractor’s budget, certifications, and insurance information. Some companies have professional and reliable Newcastle Bathroom Tiling experts to take care of your bathroom tiling needs. 

The Use of Natural Stones

You should add some natural stones or other materials that do not look like square tiles. This particular task involves cutting and manufacturing of custom things. There are a lot of tilers in the market that do not have experience working with the latest instruments that are used to measure and install tiles efficiently and effectively correctly. This may sabotage your tiling project, but when you hire a team of expert tilers that are knowledgeable and skilful at making your dream bathroom a reality. Then you will undoubtedly be happy every time you enter your bathroom.  

When you have a tiling project going on in your house, you need to manage the construction work. It depends on the size and level of the work. However, when you are planning to redesign the entire bathroom or want to install sophisticated tile design, then you need to hire top-class tilers to take care of your design.  

Picking the Right Newcastle Bathroom Tiling Experts  

Whether you have a smallish or large bathroom tiling project, you should invest a suitable budget in employing a professional tiler. You must keep in mind that a reliable and knowledgeable tiling expert will make your bathroom a fantastic place that you will love for years to come. One famous saying is that a professional tiler can transform a lousy tile look great, but a terrible tiler will make a great tile look terrible. This has become more evident today because the tiling industry has advanced much.  

Now, there is a wide range of tiling material as well as various substrates available such as an underfloor heating system in the bathroom. So, it is highly essential to hire Newcastle Bathroom Tiling Experts instead of an average of the inexperienced team for the tiling project. When homeowners and their designers are choosing the right tile for the project, the importance of hiring professional tilers cannot be ruled out.  

The decline in the construction industry caused construction workers to shift their profession to tiling business. However, when someone hires a tiler, the expectation is to tile rather than plumbing or wiring.  

The Right Tiler

When you search for tiling experts for your tiling project, you may feel stuck and tired in getting the best tiler. The reason is that tiling is a professional job that requires a high level of expertise to get the best outcomes. So, it is vital that your tiler is well-trained and skilled to perform the job as per your needs.  

Tiling in Newcastle is still an unregulated industry, while other construction work like plumbing, wiring, etc. requires relevant qualification and registration. The negative point is that any Harry, Paul, or Tom can get a few tiling tools and pretend to do the tiling work. This ultimately leads to a disastrous ending where you get nothing after wasting your money and time.  

Things to Consider Before Hiring Tilers

There are many features that you must consider before hiring tilers for your tiling project. You must select the right tile that suits your home and space. There are various bathroom designs and styles available in the market that can increase the aesthetic value of your home, for example, natural stone, porcelain tiles, and many more. Moreover, selecting the best Newcastle Bathroom Tiling Experts for your job is highly significant to achieve the required goal efficiently.  

When you come in contact with the main tiling contractor, just do not agree with their terms and conditions for the job. Even if they have an affordable price and qualified staff, you need to search more tilers to ensure that you get high-quality tilers at highly reasonable rates. Besides, you need to check the experience of tilers. This will ensure that you get the services of tilers that are experts with specific tiles, designs and styles. For example, if you need a stone tiling installation in your kitchen, you must hire a tiler that has considerable experience in stone tiling for years.  

Beautiful white bathroom done in Newcastle with glossy white porcelain tiles

Here are a few tips that will significantly assist you in getting experienced tiler for tiling project; 

Professional Guidance  

Before starting, contacting a tiling expert is the best option. With decades of tiling experience and having a team of professional tilers, Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing have developed strong relationships with the tiles manufacturers and suppliers. When you search for tiling services, almost every manufacturer recommends our quality services to clients. We have highly skilled and trained tilers that will take care of your tiling and waterproofing work efficiently and effectively. Getting services from a local tiler is the best idea because you will spend less time searching for them. This will make sure that your project will be completed on time and expertly.   


Most of the skilled tilers have a substantial online presence either through social media platforms or via tiling websites. You can also look into their previous tiling projects. Do proper research; go through pictures of past tiling work, and read testimonials from previous clients. Also, if you do not find reviews, you can ask tilers to provide references. A skilled and trained tiler will be happy to provide references. You need to contact at least three tilers before hiring a professional tiler for your job. It will ensure that you get high-quality work at highly reasonable rates.  

Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing has been offering tiling services for years. We have hundreds of reviews that speak for our quality work. We have completed a lot of residential and commercial tiling projects in Newcastle. Our team of expert tilers always delivers the top-class results at affordable rates.  

Word Of Mouth  

Word of mouth has a significant role in getting the best tiling expert for your work. Get useful information from family and friends who recently had tiling work. Ask about the quality of work and cost. Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing always takes pride in delivering high-quality outcomes. Our dedication to making your dream come true plays a significant role in winning the trust of the community in achieving goals effectively and efficiently.  

Questions You Should Ask 

  • Always ask your tiler to provide a written quote for the tiling work. Here at Newcastle Tiling and Waterproofing, we always give estimates in writing. This will ensure there are no hidden charges.  
  • Before starting, you should get information about the grout and adhesive materials from the tilers. This is very important as they make an excellent finish and enhance quality.  
  • You should ask tilers about their working hours. Make sure that working hours matches your schedule. Hire tilers that have fixed working hours like Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing.  

If you are looking for a bathroom tiling expert, Contact Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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