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Bathroom Renovations

How much do you love this bathroom renovation project we just completed in Coffs Harbour? We completed the job just before Christmas last year. See for more of our pictures.

A great way to shift a previously everyday looking structure to a fresh one is through renovation. When applied to bathrooms, improvements are a great way to keep these spots attractive and comfortable.

Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing understands your need for a good renovation project, and we are willing to serve with the help of our skills in this line of work.

We are ready to participate in a collaborative and cooperative project with you to help you achieve the bathroom design of your dreams. Once you work with us, we can guarantee that your expectations will be met and we look forward to helping you with your renovation tasks.

Consultations and Estimates

Newcastle Tiling &Waterproofing knows that every client wants to see the project that they will be taking part in. Because of this, we want to accommodate your pre-project needs with the help of consultations made possible by our expert consultants who can give you proper estimates on your project’s timeline as well as the budget needed.

Not only that, but they can also provide alternatives so that your needs will be met. We do this because we want to be open for communication as we embark on this task. We aim to build a healthy connection with our clients, and we believe that this program helps in achieving that.

Customizable Options

When you work with us on your bathroom renovation project, expect that all your needs, dreams and outcomes will be met accordingly. We make use of customizable options in our designs and installation procedures to make sure that you are in control of the whole project.

We want to give you ample choices so that you’d have endless possibilities in mixing and matching the designs that you want. Don’t worry, because our trained designers will guide you on this process. They can give you professional advice on your initial concepts and chosen designs.

Tiling and Waterproofing

Newcastle Tiling & Waterproofing believes that renovations should not end in design and installation. Instead, our team has the mindset that every tile should be waterproofed adequately so that it might serve you for a long time.

We can help you in this aspect, as we want your renovation to be an enduring one. With the help of our waterproofing service, you will be guaranteed that your new bathroom surfaces will be free from deterioration hazards. We will help in creating the optimal membrane layout for your renovated bathroom, so trust us in this job.

Terrific Team

Our team is equipped to handle every single renovation process, starting from consultation up to clean up. We have a very organized working system which allows us to work seamlessly. With the help of our professional crew, you do not need to wait for a long time just to experience the joys of having the bathroom of your dreams.

We are quick in our service delivery since we don’t want you to face discomfort when we deal with your personal areas. We are professionals in renovations, and we are confident that we will be able to impress you using our workmanship and mastery in the field of tile renovation.

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