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A tile is one of the most flexible and versatile materials as it can be used in literally any commercial or residential project. They transcend more than just their uses and functions as protective surfaces for spaces of your home. They bring a significant role in the design of your home by creating an atmosphere which adds to the aesthetic look and feels for the living space. Because of its significance and on-demand activity, sometimes it is hard to choose from the various styles, colours, textures, shapes and materials in renovating your bathroom. But worry not, because the tiling industry never ran out of bathroom ideas in New Castle and made sure that you get to choose and innovate the design you want.

Bathroom renovation photo done by our bathroom professional in Newcastle with wood look porcelain tiles

Three principal factors to consider  

When deciding a bathroom renovation, it is always important to keep in mind as a homeowner to utilize the principles in bathroom designs. Hence, one should consider the space, details, and lighting to make the bathroom more alluring that would last for years.  

Making use of a space   

No matter how small your bathroom is, it can still look spacious if you know how to play and utilize bathroom ideas, New Castle. For a tiny bathroom, opting for a larger floor tile can be a brilliant idea because this would enlarge the area and choose larger units and patterns that are simple rather than complex and busy can have an exquisite impact. Also, imposing beautiful tray or vaulted ceilings can add volume and depth to a small bathroom. However, always keep in mind that a bathroom is a place for healing, and if it’s full of fixtures, it may spark and deliver cramped and uneasiness to the user. Thus, don’t squeeze in too many items and pieces in your bathroom. 

Pay attention to details 

Expensive fixtures and elements of tiles are not a guarantee to have a perfect bathroom. The details and balance should be carefully considered in renovating your bathroom because if this field is taken advantage of, the entirety of a tile will end up looking disjointed. As much as possible, harmonizing the bathroom ideas New Castle through the principle of balancing your tile fixtures will create beauty in a highly function-driven space.  


Lighting plays a significant part in the overall look when it comes to tile installation. By integrating catchy lighting, this unique sense of taste can make all the difference in creating a beautifully made bathroom. Even with smooth tile installations, some slight imperfections caused by natural variation is unavoidable. Lighting can take the smallest deviation and cast a massive shadow on the tile surface joints, heavily distorting how the tiles look. There are few styles for bathroom light fixtures that can complement your tile designs and includes vanity lights, bath luminaires, and ceiling lights. With vast knowledge in bathroom ideas New Castle when it comes to bathroom lighting, you can let your imagination and creativity flow to make an exquisite bathroom tile and finish. 

Fantastic Bathroom Ideas and Concepts Design  

Especially if you are new to renovating your bathroom, gathering ideas regarding beautiful tiles and elements will help you establish your goal with accuracy. We understand that choosing a standard is a challenging step a homeowner would do so we will provide you with many options of bathroom ideas Hervey Bay.  

Glass tiles  

The aesthetic impact of a glass floor tile is dual: covering part of the floor in a thin layer of class develops the illusion of depth, if it happens to be tinted, a beautiful stained-glass effect. This type of tile holds up well, especially if it’s installed properly. Also, textured glass is the best recommendation to prevent any slips and accidents. With these bathroom ideas New Castle in mind, consider customizing a shower floor with small glass tile squares to draw a showy feature in the bathroom. Moreover, glass tile does not relatively require maintenance and all you need to keep it tidy is by using window cleaner and a cloth.  They are impermeable to water and never stain. Glass tile also reflects light, making your bathroom appear larger.  

Go white! 

If you’re interested in light colours such as white, you can still explore and experiment with designs in your bathroom. These bathroom ideas New Castle delivers and shows that white tiles originate in many shapes, sizes, and designs. When blended, they create a fascinating space that doesn’t look excessively busy but instead feels textured and eccentric. With white, you can never go wrong.  

Penny tile  

Classic Penny tiles have those characteristics that make a bathroom look instantly stylish and appealing. A bathroom integrated with a luxurious penny tile creates an up to date vintage vibe. Moreover, when complemented with the rustic wooden vanity and sparkly mirrors, your bathroom wouldn’t look out of place and style nothing more, nothing less. These tiles have non-slip surfaces that make them functionally amazing for high traffic and even damp areas. Penny tile is a great bathroom idea, New Castle because it’s luxurious and easy to purchase and install.  

Graphic Tile with Patterns  
Bathroom floor and wall tiling job done in Newcastle with pattern wall tiles and herringbone pattern floor tiles

Graphic tile patterns have those soft and delicate hues or bold contrasting with intricate patterns. It will surely capture your heart in one sight. Whether it’s for the wall or floor, this type of tile can give out the best accent in the room. Graphic tile patterns have been enormous in the trend and continue to expand its popularity. This style offers homeowners the chance to tap into their creative side. If you want this revolutionary bathroom idea, New Castle, give us a call.  

Glossy and Matte Tiles 

The matte finish tiles continue to strive for popularity these days. It’s a tile that features a soft but impactful beauty; a style that does not get too compelling. What makes matte tiles ideal, especially in bathrooms is that they do not show smudges and watermarks. It’s also easier to maintain when it comes to the low sheen attribute. However, matte tiles are not known for reflecting light. Make sure to install these tiles with both natural and artificial lighting. Glossy finish tiles, on the other hand, feature a more remarkable effect on your bathroom. They tend to reflect elegance with a highly polished appearance and feel. They reflect plenty of light and deliver the view of space that is larger than it looks.  

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